i choose you, and then you choose me (but actually, we are always choosing ourselves…)

June 28, 2013


when you leave, it’s always a little tough. i can’t remember a time when you have turned back around to peek at me. you walk, with your 1-2, 1-2 rhythm –heel-knee, heel-knee–so that you are heavier in those quads; as strong and tight as those glute muscles are, they don’t get to work as much […]

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Maybe if I (write and) open my eyes , I will stop avoiding late fees

March 14, 2013


Soft opaque, grey font looks official: Library Notice At once I feel compelled to obey the authoritative letters and to relish rebellion: fingernail bits and dried contact lens shards use the envelope to rest. Behind me, the sun is bright today. //// Today’s practice: open your eyes. look. write what you see. (because practicing means […]

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I washed and you dusted

March 5, 2013


Every Saturday morning was the day that we would clean. Pull out the two grey buckets, fill one with water and drops of fabuloso the other with just hot water. There was a system. To keep the cloth as clean as possible for as long as possible, to make as few trips back and forth […]

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When life is hard

November 13, 2012


it’s more interesting. You have to do more. Think more, feel more, be more awake. If you want to stay above the waves and not be drowned or carried away into the vastness. Think more: literally, multitask because usually when life is hard, catching up, survival and getting ahead are all happening at the same […]

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Listening After Sandy

November 1, 2012


There’s a mural on a red brick wall down the street. A group of women in prison came up with the meaning and an artist executed it: a women shackled at the wrists, holding a child as other children surround her and one more sits in a windowsill dreaming out at the stars and sliver […]

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Freedom and Improvisation through Hang Swing Run Repeat Go Repeat

May 31, 2012


The following is an example of a full body workout, and vanity could never get me through this: hang from a bar and lift my knees 25 times, swing 20% of my weight from a squat position 25 times, and run 400 meters; all of that for three rounds, as fast as possible. Why am […]

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lessons on being from my dog

January 14, 2012


My dog stands at my feet as close against my shins as possible. She speaks this way. Hey. Hello. click click, her nails tap on the wood floor as she adjusts her stance. Hey. Hello. And I am left to decide what to do with this communication. Let is pass by or listen. The way […]

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